Compensation Report and Marketing Sheet for Integrity Power Search

Compensation Report and Marketing Sheet for Integity Power Search

The Story

Integrity Power Search asked me to design them a new Compensation Report, using data they collected from interviews and placements for roles in Engineering, Product Management, Product Design, and G2M. They also needed a new Marketing Sheet: a pdf with links, branding, and info about their business to show prospective clients. It was a pleasure working with the team at IPS again, and here's what we did.

Compensation Report

Integrity works with startups and technology companies across the US and Canada to fill over 300 positions per year, and they use that intel to build a spreadsheet with things like base pay, equity, and variable compensation. They wanted me to visualize the data, following an example provided, into a pdf report that also included a cover page and a call-to-action footer. I worked in Figma, and I used their Webflow website, which I worked on previously, to guide the design and styling. Stay tuned to IPS on Linkedin to see the full report; this is just a sneak peek:

Compensation Report for Integity Power Search
Compensation Report for Integrity Power Search

Marketing Sheet

For this deliverable, the team had a few ideas in mind, and we worked together, through several rounds of iteration, to build a marketing sheet that's professional, informative, and hopefully generates business.

Marketing Sheet for Integrity Power Search
Marketing Sheet for Integrity Power Search

I'd like to thank the team from Integrity Power Search for continuing to be awesome, and making this project so enjoyable. If you'd like to learn more about how we recently updated their Webflow website, here's the Case Study.