Logo and Business Cards for Jessica Rose Counselling Therapy

Logo and Business Card for Jessica Rose Counselling Therapy

The Story

I was designing a new website for Jessica Rose Counselling Therapy, (who also happens to be my partner: Top Secret) and we were at the mid-fidelity wireframes stage, where everything was just gray shapes and placeholders. We desperately needed some color and life and some actual content.

Tablet mid-fidelity wireframes for the design of jessicarosetherapy.ca
Mid-fidelity wireframes from the design of JessicaRoseTherapy.ca

It started with the colors, which were Jessica's favorite: fuchsia and teal. Then I put two and two together and searched for roses in those colors, and I found this wonderful thing: the Rainbow Rose.

Color palette and inspiration for Jessica Rose Counselling Therapy
Color palette and inspiration

Logos and Branding

For the logo, Jessica wanted a lotus, because she had started her career in Vietnam, and she loved the symbolism: out of even the dirtiest of waters, a beautiful flower may grow. To develop the style, I went back to the user research I had conducted at the beginning of the project, where I asked twenty-one people to list their top priorities when choosing a Counselling Therapist. The number one answer, ahead of work experience and education, was personality. I also asked them what kind of personality they wanted, they wanted someone friendly.

So we wanted a lotus that looked friendly, and I felt that a minimalist style would work well here, because many lotus designs overdo the number of leaves and petals, meaning they don't scale down properly — often looking like a tangled mess when forced to act as small logos. To counter this, I used thicks outlines and kept the shapes simple — except to sneak a rose in as well, because I just couldn't resist.

Branding image for Jessica Rose Therapy Case Study on MattPike.Design, the portfolio website for Visual Designer Matt Pike.
Logo and Typography (Cuprum and Nunito Sans)

The Business Cards

We established the required content and then it was just a matter of seeing how everything fit together on the cards. The logo side was fairly straightforward: I just flipped the gradient on the petals and turned down the opacity. Then I added a mandala, which was the name of the first mental health clinic Jessica worked at Vietnam.

For the information side, I started by making the branding large and giving it lots of space, because I wanted it to be highest in the visual hierarchy — the first thing you see. To balance this, I moved the secondary information to the right, and I added some styling the website address to draw your attention. Lastly, to provide professional proof, we included her certification as well, styled to be the last thing seen.

Business cards designed for Jessica Rose Counselling Therapy by Matt Pike Design
Business Cards for Jessica Rose Counselling Therapy

And how did the business cards turn out, you ask? Well, check back soon and find out! In the meantime, have a look at the Case Study for Jessica Rose Counselling Therapy and her new website to see how we applied the same styling to create a website that has allowed her business to flourish.

Link to Case Study for Jessica Rose Counselling Therapy Web Design Project by Matt Pike Design
Check out the Case Study here